Ojai, CA

One of my favorite cities of all time is Ojai. I can’t even explain the type of magic I feel when I’ve been there. It reminds me of this small town outside of Nashville that my husband is from (Franklin, TN) if it were transported into Los Angeles. There’s an unexplainable calming energy throughout the entire city.

The last time we went to Ojai we brought our dogs and searched Yelp for a restaurant that would allow them (and also I weirdly reeeallly wanted an egg salad sandwich) and we came across Marche’ Gourmet, the dreamiest little European-styled deli that has the yummiest food! When we went to Ojai this trip, we knew we had to visit that cute little spot! This time we tried the Southwest salad with a black bean patty and it was deeeelicious! From there we drove over to the Ojai Meadows Preserve (pictured above) and then to one of the dreamiest places I’ve ever visited, Bart’s Books. ::Insert 100 heart eyed emojis:: This outdoor bookstore is what (my) dreams are made of! I could’ve stayed there all day, exploring every little nook and cranny of it.

After I bought an entire 8 volume collection of antique books we headed over to this cute Taco restaurant we saw while we were at lunch so I could shoot content for Böhme.

If you’re ever in Southern California and looking for a peaceful getaway, definitely check out Ojai! You’ll be happy you did.



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