Oh The Places You’ll Go

I am so happy you’ve found your way to my site! I wanted to tell you a little about myself and why I started Adventures in Andrealand.

A few years ago I found myself overworked and stressed out. My sister and I would spend our day off together sitting on the couch, watching TV and being lazy. One day I decided I didn’t want to just exist in this pity-party of 2 on the couch, I wanted to LIVE. The coolest thing about California is that there is SOO MUCH to explore! I lived in LA for 7 years at that point and realized there was so much to experience that I never knew existed! I researched unique things to do/places to visit and every Monday that we had off together we’d go on an adventure. I started sharing our adventures on Facebook and received so many comments about how much fun we were having and I realized, we weren’t the only ones stuck in this overworked rut. So many of the people I love were doing the same thing, existing not living.

I hope my adventures inspire you to create your own! I hope they inspire you to LIVE. They don’t need to be expensive or far away. Some of the most fun times I’ve had have been right around the corner from where I live.




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